Beach time!

Beach time!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

When Jesus cries with us

Jesus wept.
John 11:35

     Shortest verse in God's word but quite possibly one of the most powerful. I was reminded while sitting in my sweet church this morning that not only does Christ hurt for us but He hurts with us. This week will be the start of a painful season for my family and I. Definitely the toughest time that we've had thus far. How do I know that we are not alone in this time? Jesus wept. How do I know that Christ loves us? Jesus wept and He has sent His people to be His body that can weep with us as well.
     I am beginning my rounds of chemotherapy this week that will work to eradicate any possible remaining cancer cells in my body for the next 12 weeks. After that, I will have 6 1/2 weeks of daily radiation and begin the process of recovery. God has sent His extraordinary peace to me and my family in these past few weeks. Have I struggled? Yes. I have had some dark moments but God has given me such a peace. The strength that you may hear or see when you are with me is not about me. It is God Himself, stepping into my life to carry me through.
     Let's talk about fear. Oh baby, do I have fears. But you know what? Several years ago, I watched a dear friend walk through the most traumatic and heartbreaking time of loss in her life. I found myself fearing isolation in a time of crisis. During her difficult time, I witnessed an amazing coming together of God's people with the sole purpose of holding up their friends with whom they had intimately shared life. Shortly thereafter, Jeremy and I prayed for a community of people that would surround us in our valley of life. I have seen the answer to that prayer come together over the past few years and culminate at the moment of my diagnosis last month. Absolutely amazing and completely humbling how God prepares us for battle and when the battle begins, you turn around and hundreds of people are standing with you, loving you and fighting with you.
     So, the fears are there but the fears also serve as a reminder that I am not in control. As long as I remind myself that God is sovereign, then I can rest. I can rest in the fact that He is weeping with us in this valley. God is God and God is still good.
Love and blessings.


  1. Isn't it amazing that in our weakness we are made strong through Him? I'm so thankful you have a group of people rallying around you. Even though I don't see you daily I am one of your cheerleaders cheering you on to keep the fight. We will have tribulation in this world, but Jesus reminds us that we are more than conquerers through him. Praying for you! Heather Willis

  2. Beautifully written Laura. The darkest times are when He shines the brightest and you feel Him every moment of the day carrying you through. I look back at the darkest time of my life almost fondly now, because there's nothing sweeter than being carried in His arms, a feeling that can't be replicated during the mountaintop moments of life.

  3. I had to go look it up because it came to mind after commenting...James 1:1-3. You are living the Word in a way few can truly say they have done. And the refinement will be beautiful beyond measure in an eternal way. You are in our prayers!