Beach time!

Beach time!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Does God ignore his children?

In our recent history, we've struggled with mistaking God's "no's" for his absence. When we ask (and beg, plead and bargain) for God to change something, fix something, stop something, it often doesn't work out the way we picture it happening. Or even the way we've diligently prayed for it to happen. What we may view as indifferent silence or all out absence, may actually be a resounding "NO".

Working this out made me think about my children. When they ask (and beg, plead and bargain) for something that is not in their best, do I ignore them? Of course not! I consider the outcomes and many times I have to say "No" because, let's face it, our kids don't always know what is best for them. Or even if they know in their heart what is right, it's not as important as getting their way, regardless of consequences. If my 11 year old asks and pleads for a late bedtime, he isn't thinking about how tired it will make him feel the next morning. He is focused on getting his way in the moment. But when he asks, I am not indifferent or absent. I respond out of love, keeping him from doing something that is not for his best.

Isn't that how we act with our heavenly father? We ask (and beg, plead and bargain) and when our circumstances remain exactly the same without an inch of movement towards what we desire, we assume God is absent and indifferent. But God told me this tonight: He is so very present to us. Close enough to say no anytime I want to do something that is not for my best. He loves his children enough to continue to say "No" even when it hurts him. Even when he knows that our desires will make us happy. But he is working, my friend. He is always working. Even when our circumstances tell us otherwise.