Beach time!

Beach time!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

I am the clay

A potter works diligently on a particularly stubborn lump of clay. He kneads, tosses, and thumps it into submission. With a determined look in his eyes and the rest of the world blurry beyond the clay, he works until his forearms burn. He has a picture in his mind. A picture not of the formless mass in his hands but of a beautiful vase. A vase that will hold the tulips of her beloved or the wilted dandelions of her young son. So he works. As the clay begins to submit to his authority, it begins to slowly take shape. It's not quite beautiful yet but he can see its innermost potential. Once it is on the wheel, water is added, along with patience and determination. Several times it forms an unknown shape, closer to a bowl or something else outside of the potter's vision. With patience and determination, he perseveres until the shape in front of him matches the vision of his imagination. He sets it to dry, waiting for its turn in the kiln. Once fired, he is so very pleased. He imagines a young family buying it from his humble shop, excited about a purchase for their home.

God formed us in the same way-with love, patience, and a vision of who He wants us to be. This happened before we were even born and it continues every day as we grow in Him if we are willing to be flexible enough to let the potter work in us and through us. But what happens if we allow others to change our identity outside of Christ? Through expectations, criticism, and insecurities, we can lose part of our identity in our maker, our potter. If someone came into that pottery shop and said that the vase was ugly and had no use, does that change the potter's view of his creation? Certainly not. The opinions of others have no bearing on our true identity in our Father.

It is so very important that when I am tempted to focus on myself that I look to my potter instead. The One who sees my beauty and righteousness. The One who sees me as "wonderfully made". The One who sees my potential instead of my filth. The One who looks at me and sees the very vision in His mind that he used as a blueprint when He created me.

May our identities always be in who you say we are, Lord. Help us to honor our creator by being willing to be formed into what you desire for us. Thank you for loving us even we feel unlovable and unusable.

Oh  Lord, you are our Father.
We are the clay, you are the potter;
we are all the work of your hand.
Isaiah 64:8

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